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We, Seroun Electronics Co, Ltd have upgraded a conventional heater controller to a new concept product controlled by program-embedded CPU. And also we have developed the new technology of the Constant Current type Constant Voltage type and Constant Power type and become new brand, namely the STR in early 2003. In 2000, we also has developed in our own brand of new model of Motor Soft Starter, namely the SMC, and has achieved a patent of SSC (Solid State Controller) in 2002. Now altogether with STR, SMC and SSC mentioned above as well as Pulse Timer for bag filter, we are definitely keeping a leading position in this particular industry fields. Also in 2002, by developing an innovative Power Supply System for the Silicone Monolith Wafer grower and the Plasma Ion Plating as known as an advanced, we have enjoying a strongest competition in this Power Control System Development and Application as a fastest growing company.

We also have been seeking to expand the company's manufacturing operation since 2004. We have recruited high quality engineers as well as talented technician with positive plan that will lead the company’s headquarters in future. In 2004, we have opened Busan Branch Office to support customer service in Daegu, Busan and North and South of Kyung Sang-Do area. And we has opened a new Distribution Office in Shanghai, China and also settled as an independent investment enterprise DouCheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China. Overseas and domestic productions and quality after service as well as a business network can combine synergistically to construction of our global management. In June 2006 we have established ALMECS Corporation and constructed a bigger manufacturing facilities in Wangjing-myeon Yeoncheon-gun, and have been providing global customers the Power Supply of DVD Reactor for Polysilicon production since its establishment.

Furthermore we has pursued variety of our product to meet the new requirements, a competent employee plan and establishment of global network which it will help to approach of the new technical renovation and development of innovative products.We are committed to providing quality products, the best service for customer and effective technical support. We have respect for our valuable customer and the partners. Please give us an encouragement and advice in any time. We are listening.

Thank you.

Yeo Du-Yeon, President


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